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The Art Spirit Gallery Hangs its June Exhibition: Confluence/Influence


June 6, 2021 – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho - The Art Spirit Gallery is excited to host Confluence/Influence, a unique exhibition highlighting collaborative works by Wood Artists of Moscow. According to artist Jill Kyong, whose innovative idea fueled the show theme, the goal of this creative endeavor was to build relationships and encourage untraditional artistic collaboration in which the voice of each artist was not compromised. Two artists who had not previously worked together were paired to complete a project.  “Each artist started a project, and then, at some point, switched pieces with their partner, who completed the project with their own design and aesthetic and with no influence or suggestions from the initial creator. Original artists relinquished control and had to trust their partners to do something great, which of course was the end result.” Participating artists include Virgil Aurand, George Canney, Ben Carpenter, Megan Cherry, Jim Christiansen, Geoff Crimmins, Ed Krumpe, Jill Kyong,  Kristin LeVier, Stephanie Miller, Trish Sanderson, Alix Stevens, George Tanner, Amelia Trejo, Keith Welsh, and Damon. Other featured artists include multi-media artist Sheila Evans, painters Shelle Lindholm and Ryan Molenkamp, collage artist Lorelle Rau, and ceramicist James Tingey