Tamera Abate
AKE 0005 Sunrise on Dirty Snow
Claire Akebrand
ales 0002 asleep beneath the moon
Isabelle Alessandra
Ruth Andre
ANST 0019 ANSTEAD DK SERIES Vintage Woman Motorcycle Rider1 Goodwill 36x36 sm
Stewart Anstead
AVAK 0017 copy
Andrew Avakian
BAL 1846 Mock Orange
Harold Balazs
BAS 0027 Roaming
James Bason
beno 0025 ma
Christian Benoit
BIV 0166 Dreaming of Autumn
Chris Bivins
BOS 0011 Owl's Repose
Bryson Bost
boy 0175 moth drawing
Frank Boyden
BRA 0260 Downtown Rhymes
Victoria Brace
BRAN 0077 Bee Queen
Sandi Bransford
bro 0001 new york city pizzeria
Scott Broder
brun 0001 above and below.jpeg
Chica Brunsvold
George Carlson
CARP 0006A Coral Dancer
Ben Carpenter
cas 0001 an invitation for spring
Erin Cassetto
CAUG 0001 Circumvention
Pamela Caughey
unknown piece
Russell Chatham
CHR 0038 Christen Winter Morning
Mary Christen
claj 0001 shepherd s reflection
Judy Clark
clar 0151 ancient messages
Morse Clary
sister mary corita not much of a weapon
Sister Mary Corita Kent
corni 0001 syringahair
Johno Cornish
COX 0009 Back Study
Peter Cox
van halen glass guitar
Cameron Davenport
dece 0010 1000 years mike decesare
Mike DeCesare
dev 0021 small square vase
Nick DeVries
DEWE 0048 Medium Covered Jar
Josh DeWeese
dix 0001 gestation 1
Randy Dixon
Lorna Dockstader
Sanctuary by Allen Dodge
Allen Dodge
DON 0200 Beekeeper
Mary Frances Dondelinger
dow 0002 memoires of my ancestors quiltanc
Karen Dowling
EKS 0005 Summer Highway
Kris Ekstrand
ELL 0011 Unity
Dale Eller
calv 0002
Roy Calvin Eure
EVA 0118A The Ascent of Cherry Crow
Sheila Evans
FAR 0567 There
Mary Farrell
finc 0002 lynx
Brittany Finch
fish 0001 tumbler
Kate Fisher
FLUC 0016 Before the Throne
Doug Fluckiger
FRD 0004 Southwest Vessel
Michael Frederick
Paul Friedrich
fritz white river
Randy Fritz
FRO 0049 2023 Winter Fox
Stephanie Frostad
GAL 0263 Twelve O'Clock Shadows
Kathy Gale
gallow 0005 great ibis
Julia Galloway
Ric Gendron
gib 0009 original drawing 9
Steve Gibbs
gis 0306 poppies
Del Gish
gorup 0002 no. 103 spalted maple hollow form
Denny Gorup
GREL 0005 War Horse III
Lance Green
GRIM 0331 Lady with Blue Hair
Robert Grimes
Glenn Grishkoff
HANS 0022 Large Buckeye TableTop
Kenneth Hansen
han 0011 old timer
Wes Hanson
HEND 0004 Peaceful Stream
Steve Henderson
hew 0009 half gallon pitcher 2
Mark Hewitt
HOR 0408 Horswill HappyHive
Michael Horswill
hurd 0002 finding honey
Betsey Hurd
hutc 0003 black plate square with blue
David Hutchens
Sockeye Salmon
Lonnie Hutson
iman 0001 caldera
Erica Iman
JAS 0007 Diamond Vase
Tom Jaszczak
fin 0047 black bowl with half circles
Maggie Jaszczak
jes 0006 big wood head waters
Kevin Jester
johc 0001 mid march
Carol Johansen
joha 0002 autumn storm
Aaron Johnson
jou 0002 joubert friends forever
Allan Joubert
KARA 0001 Le Dejeuner Sur l'Herbe
Meidi Karampour
KAR 0005 Still Life with Violin
Aleksandr Kargopoltsev
kast 0012 square vase with white staples
Ani Kasten
KNA 0004 Starry Knights,2021
Charlie Knapp
KYO 0011 redwood pillow bench 2
Jill Kyong
LAMO 0046 The Journey Find Delight 48x60in Oil
Louise Lamontagne
lee 0008 in dreams a
Heesoo Lee
leon 0192
Yaroslev Leonets
LEV 0020 Wall Trivet 9
Simon Levin
lin 0267 fishing otter ii
Shelle Lindholm
Ashley Longshore
LOTH 0024 Alien
Ernest Lothar
LYS 0019 Tattooed Dress with Baby Being Born
Marilyn Lysohir
macf 0009 ice cream dreams
Stephen MacFarlane
MAC 0045 Blue water of the St. Joe River
Sally Machlis
manf 0004 woman in blue
Delia Mannion Frund
mast 0022 bumble v
Jacquie Masterson
MAT 0052C Kestrel
Susan Mattson
MCC 1358 Equestrian Hug
Mel McCuddin
MCJR 0002 Our Home
JR McCurdie
MEI 0032 Critters Jar
Dennis Meiners
MILE 0022 Red Beauties
Sheila Miles
lusk 0025 beluga
David Miles Lusk
MOL 0079 Cascade 98
Ryan Molenkamp
mont 0008 mothers day tubbs hill
LR Montgomery
Paul Bernard Morchain
morj 0001 belle
Jane Morgan
morr 0001 bear napping on log
Raymond Morgan
MORG 0002 Marimekko Magpie, 2023
Andrea Morgan
JMOR 0038 58
Jon Morse
nuc 0050 caught in amber
Laura Nuchols
oco 0047 sign of the times.
Carla O'Connor
ORO 0196 This Thing Called Hope (Deer)
Kay O'Rourke
ONG 0067 Verdant Summer Saunter 40x30 300
Wilson Ong
OSTE 0001 Grand View Waterfall
LuAnn Ostergaard
PALM 0023 A Tribute to Charlie
Randy Palmer
para 0006 shino bowl
Scott Parady
Bruce Park
lizpark alaskancoyote
Liz Park
PARKA 0023 There Is No Straight Line To Follow
Andrew Parker
PAR 0038 Motel Sign Peter Pan
Helen Parsons
only one had lunch
Buddy Paul
PETE 0001, Black Wolf
Sandra Peterson
pets 0001 3 blindfolded rabbits
Stan Peterson
PET 0203 Flock at High Noon Claudia Pettis 40x40
Claudia Pettis
phic 0009 presence of absence vi
Cozette Phillips
PIC 0004 La Celestine Copy
Pablo Picasso
pir 0005 first snow
Dennis Pirello
pis 0001 la charrue
Camille Pissarro
POE 0002 S Remains of the Sunset 40x20
Stephen Poe
POER 0005 Sunset Fades Beyond Priest Lake 18x12
Robert Poe
rap 0002 river canyon
Julia Rapinoe
rau 0017 coeur d alene lake in the fall
Lorelle Rau
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
renoir auguste femme nue couchee 19q95
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
RIV 0032 Makintosh
Heather Riviere
Julie Robertson
rosn 0006 chief
Neil Rose
rosa 0003 earthbound 2022 20x16
Arlon Rosenoff
rot 0000 red lidded jar
Ben Roti
RUDM 0012 Salt glazed Growler 64oz 2
Mat Rude
rud 0532 rolling rolling rolling
Brad Rude
machke 0057 air
Sally Graves-Machlis & Delphine Keim
samp 0008 at ease
James Sampsel
brook by jan schnurr
Janie Schnurr
SCHE 0022 Joyous
Erin Schulz
SCH 0018 Pitcher
Deborah Schwartzkopf
SCO 0056 BW Vase 12
Sam Scott
SCT 0029 3D Lattice
Don Scott
SEA 0037 Copper Patina Wave
Valerie Seaberg
SHEE 0001 along the river
Dennis Sheehan
SIEGE 0006 Beige Over Blue 6x10
Gail Siegel
SIL 0089 Oh You're So Cute!
Patrick Siler
SIM 0040 Coming Through
Molly Sims
foggy forest
Dan Smith
soth maplega
Tyson Soth
SPEN 0011 Dog Days of Summer
Hannah Spencer
STEHR 0005B Quiltedcountryside3
Joel Stehr
SUR 0002 Golden Woods
Angelita Surmon
taylo 0001a tarnish
Sara Taylor
TELF Blue Sushi Set
Louise Telford
TING 0098 Pitcher 1
James Tingey
TRO 0128 Soul Flight
Shannon Troxler
unknown artist work
Unknown Artist
varn 0001 embrace
David Varnau
vill 0007 a hare s length
Christina Villagomez
vogt 0102 another time another place
Allie Kurtz Vogt
VOR Mark Vore Kayaks
Mark Vore
Voulkos Stack Pot 1976
Peter Voulkos
WEI 0217 Birdy
Cary Weigand
whis 0001 nocturne the river at battersea
James Abbot McNeill Whistler
WHTT 0001 Green Aspen
Claudia Whitten
WIL 0125 Farm House Germany
Gordon Wilson
wils 0001 teapot
Tara Wilson
WOOT 0001 Black and White Etched Jar
Dallas Wooten
Holly Young
your 0042 sapele slow down
Rand Young