Valerie Seaberg


SEA 0037 Copper Patina Wave

Valerie Seaberg is an artist/educator living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Valerie combines a lifetime of art making with engaged, informative teaching on art and the practices of creative life. She works through The Center for Wonder, The Art Association of Jackson Hole, The Teton Science and Community Schools, Red Top Meadows, and The Public Schools. Her work is influenced by the ocean, and the mountains where she has made her home.

Valerie received her Bachelor’s degree in religion from West Verginia Wesleyan College, in Buckhannon, West VA. She then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Counseling/Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in Palo Alto, CA.

Her mixed media vessels are like great, tumbled beach combing finds, in which undulating clay forms are encircled by pine needles and horsehair.  They are high country marriages between an ancient ocean and raw land.  Her works are muscular, sensual and speak of a deep sense of time, earth and, element.   

“I am amazed at my good fortune to be doing the work of an artist.  I love that my job entails spending whole days down by the river harvesting or hunkered down next to a smoking fire pit.  Indigenous cultures all over the world still weave and fire their work as I do.  I see myself as standing in a long line of artisans as time moves forward my work will become a part of the natural evolution of this art’s history.”

In 2010 Valerie was the Purchase Prize Winner at the Governor’s Capital Art Exhibition held at the Wyoming State Museum. Her works are shown at galleries in Wyoming, California, and Idaho. 

“I am grateful for the way this work surprises and informs me, and always leads me to the point of the unknown.  My intention as an artist and as a person is to look at the world with curious eyes and to be guided by the natural intelligence of the creative process.“