Doug Fluckiger


FLUC 0016 Before the Throne

Artist Statement: 

“My wife and I are madly in love and have been married for over 24 years. We live on the backside of a mountain in far northern Idaho, where we raise kids, a garden, and a great life. Way out here in the woods, we live far beyond the reach of trends. We don’t get a cell phone signal out here, and our internet is only available via satellite. We’re an hour away from the nearest grocery store, traffic light, or police station. So, we’ve learned to do things for ourselves, raise our own food, and make what we need. And we like it that way. This website is a way to share our adventures with others who might not be so lucky. Living out here, you must either be retired or bring your work with you. My work is drawing. I’ve been blessed with the ability to draw so realistically that virtually everyone who sees my drawings thinks they are photographs. And I’m surrounded with a lifetime of source material: There’s more beauty in these mountains than I could ever capture. So, over the years I’ve drawn these mountains and trees, the snow and rocks and water, the light and rain and mist; and I’ve loved doing so. But I’ve barely scratched the surface of possibilities. I’ve encountered a number of artists with abundant drawing ability, but none of them tackles my subject of photorealistic mountain landscapes. As far as I can see, I’m the only one doing this; and based on buyers’ enthusiastic reactions, something about my art touches"