My New Exhibition 2023.04.26

bal 1948 the cabal
Harold Balazs
The Cabal
bas 0003 november
James Bason
bra 0212 rhododendron
Victoria Brace
caug 0001 circumvention
Pamela Caughey
russell chatham march
Russell Chatham
March - (from Missouri Headwaters Suite) 7/275
dewe 0061 medium covered jar
Josh DeWeese
Medium Covered Jar
dewe 0059 large covered jar
Josh DeWeese
Large Covered Jar
dewe 0060 large covered jar
Josh DeWeese
Large Covered Jar
ell 0003 courage bear
Dale Eller
Courage (Bear)
ell 0001 strength bison
Dale Eller
Strength (Bison)
EVA 0135 The Revelers
Sheila Evans
The Revelers
far 0560 the arrangement 4
Mary Farrell
The Arrangement #4
FRD 0004 Southwest Vessel
Michael Frederick
Southwest Vessel
gis 0264 lilacs
Del Gish
grim 0064 working class hero
Robert Grimes
Working Class Hero
hans 0013 large buckeye tabletop
Kenneth Hansen
Large Buckeye Tabletop
hurd 0002 chasing honey
Betsey Hurd
Maggie Jaszczak
Long Trough With End Handles
fin 0039 2 candle holder with flowers
Maggie Jaszczak
2 Candle Holder with Flowers
jas 0006 wide rim jar
Tom Jaszczak
Wide Rim Jar
johc 0009 wind advisory
Carol Johansen
Wind Advisory
kast 0012 square vase with white staples
Ani Kasten
Square Vase with White Staples
dark skies
Charlie Knapp
Dark Skies
Life Vessel 2 KNA 0007
Charlie Knapp
Life Vessel #2
lamo 0046 the journey find delight 48x60in oil
Louise Lamontagne
Find Delight
Heesoo Lee
lys 0060 ceramic bear head
Marilyn Lysohir
Ceramic Bear Head
lys 0019 tattooed dress with baby being born
Marilyn Lysohir
Tattooed Dress with Baby Being Born
Jane Morgan
Paquita (Alpaca)
morr 0001 bear napping on log
Raymond Morgan
Bear Napping on Log
morj 0002 billy
Jane Morgan
morj 0003 patience and scamp
Jane Morgan
Patience and Scamp
morr 0009 trout rising
Raymond Morgan
Trout Rising
ong 0056 dawn
Wilson Ong
bpark 0010 yellowstone river july
Bruce Park
Yellowstone River - July
Andrew Parker
The Path Dreams Follow
Pablo Picasso
La Celestine
rot 0049 red pitcher
Ben Roti
Red Pitcher
rud 0532 rolling rolling rolling
Brad Rude
Rolling Rolling Rolling
rud 0521 e mountain charlie
Brad Rude
Mountain Charlie 10/12
shce 0009 fancy horse
Erin Schulz
Fancy Horse
SCT 0029 3D Lattice
Don Scott
3D Lattice
Don Scott
Chess Set
chess set + table
Don Scott
Chess Set with Cherry Table
sco 0151 black and white wine decanter
Sam Scott
Black and White Wine Decanter
sea 0153 everything is waitng for you 16.5x15x6 ins
Valerie Seaberg
Everything is Waiting for You
sea 0067 gold fossil bowl web
Valerie Seaberg
Gold Fossil Bowl
foggy forest
Dan Smith
Foggy Forest
early light
Angelita Surmon
Early Light
taylo 0026 gold moon
Sara Taylor
Gold Moon
ting 0004 large lidded vessell
James Tingey
Striped Lidded Vessel
varn 0003 invictus
David Varnau
vor 0006 kayak
Mark Vore
Cedar Strip Kayak 6
voulkos stack pot
Peter Voulkos
Stack Pot
WHTT 0004 Green Aspen Square Plate
Claudia Whitten
Aspen Square Plate with Green Leaves
WHTT 0008 B&W Round Plate
Claudia Whitten
B&W Aspen Circle Plate
WHTT 0005 B&W Square Aspen Plates, Medium
Claudia Whitten
B&W Aspen Square Plate - Medium
WHTT 0006 B&W Aspen Plate Medium
Claudia Whitten
B&W Aspen Square Plate - Medium
wil 0171 beaulieu sur mer france
Gordon Wilson
Beualieu Sur Mer