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Mel McCuddin: The Art of Darkness

January 29, 2016 - by Doug Clark

Inside a downtown gallery maybe two decades ago – that’s where I first got McCuddined.

I recall strolling through the vast array of art when one canvas stopped me cold. It contained the disturbing image of a semi-formed man on his back.

Oh, yeah. He had a fez on his head.

I stood transfixed, posing mental questions about what I was seeing, like …

Who pushed the Shriner onto the grass? How did his fez stay on?

Muted bruised colors added to the mental mystery, giving the subject a dreamy, back-lit look.

Great art is supposed to prod and provoke. Being thoroughly weirded-out is some powerful voodoo, too.

Admittedly I’m working from the haze of memory here, but I recall asking a gallery worker about who was behind this Twilight Zone-worthy scene called “Fallen Farsi.”

“That’s a Mel McCuddin,” I was told.

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