Farraday Newsome


new 0008 round blue box with oranges

Farraday Newsome grew up in the redwood forest of coastal California. She is the daughter of George Newsome, a painter, potter, and dinnerware designer who earned his ceramics degree at New York State University, studying with the late Daniel Rhodes. Farraday received her BA in Biology (University of California at Santa Cruz, 1976) and her MA in Art with a Ceramics Emphasis (San Francisco State University, 1987).

She currently lives in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona with ceramic artist and husband Jeff Reich. Together they run Indigo Street Pottery in Mesa, Arizona. Farraday’s subject matter is drawn primarily from nature and the emotional allusions and metaphors found in nature. Her color work celebrates the light and exuberance of day, while her black-and-white work delves into the shadowy, more emotionally complex realm of night and darkness. Farraday is an exhibiting artist whose work can be seen at Plinth Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

Her work is included in many collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Long Beach Museum of Art, the Wustum Museum of Art in Racine, Wisconsin, the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts in the Czech Republic, the Ohio Crafts Museum, and the Arizona State University Art Museum. Her work has also been featured in many books and magazines

"I create functional and sculptural ceramic pieces with painterly glazed surfaces that explore ideas of lushness, time, and grace."

- Farrady Newsome